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A few more thoughts on finding students:

Hooray, you got a phone call from a prospective student! So…now what?

When I get phone calls or emails from people interested in piano lessons, I usually 1) am very pleasant, 2) ask for some basic info about the student’s age and musical background, 3) give some pertinent info about myself/my studio, 4) get their email address, 5) set up a meeting/audition for the prospective student to come meet me and play for me, and 6) follow up with an email to the parent (or adult student) with a copy of my studio policy and a helpful link.

Seriously, sometimes you need a sort of “script” planned out as to what you need to tell them and what you need to ask them. At least I did when I was starting out.

Then, when they come and meet me/audition for my studio, here’s what we do:

  • I introduce myself and talk about my teaching philosophy/style of teaching
  • get to know the student. I give them a nifty little form to fill out with all the basics, as well as some very helpful questions such as “WHY do you want to take lessons, and WHAT do you hope to get out of all this?” Seriously very good to know. Here’s my little form…it’s super helpful to keep these on file for each student…
  • the student then plays a piece or two for me
  • hand over a copy of my studio policy/contract (which they hopefully already read in the email) and go over some things/answer any questions
  • I also think it’s fun to give them a CD recording of myself performing some pieces, so they can take it home and listen; or of course you can just perform for them right then and there! I think too often we don’t perform enough for our students – let them know you’re good and that you know what you’re doing!
What do YOU do to “interview” new students? Any ideas on how to make you and your studio stand out to prospective students?
Jennifer Boster

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