my studio space.

I teach in my home. As a mom, that is something that is so important to me. I love having this wonderful job that I can do without leaving my home. Having said that, I do think it is also important to make sure that your studio space is an environment that is free from distractions and conducive to learning and teaching. (We will definitely be spending a LOT more time on the topic of Balancing Teaching & Family – because I know a LOT of you teachers are also moms. This is a topic that I ALWAYS am thinking about and trying to balance!)

Right now I teach in my living room. It works just fine. I make sure it is nice and clean and free from distractions, and I have my music library and supplies nearby and it is great.

However, I would LOVE (in the distant future when circumstances and finances permit, mind you) to have a studio that is in my home that is separate from our living area. Like with a separate entrance. And a nice copy machine and computer completely for the studio, and a NICE piano or two, and nice decor and a really nice music library and a great listening library and stereo system, and…and…and….the list goes on and on, doesn’t it? It would be so fun to have a whole space just devoted to music and teaching.

So, tell us about YOUR studio space – where is it, why is it there, how do you make it a good learning environment, what your DREAM studio would be – let’s hear some comments!

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Jennifer Boster

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  • Hey Jenny! This blog is amazing! I would love to hear ideas about balancing family and teaching. After several requests from people in my neighborhood etc, I've decided to start teaching again…but I've been going back and forth on what I should do with my kids when I teach. I'm thinking of hiring a young girl to come in my home and watch them while I teach, but I would love to hear what others do.
    As far as studio space, it will currently be my front room. But one thing that is important to me is having a little filing box just for my studio, students, etc. It helps me organize everything and keep at least some of my piano teaching separate from everything else in my home.
    Thanks again for a great blog!

  • Thanks for the comment, Melissa! Yes we will definitely discuss balancing teaching and family soon – I feel that it is a very important topic!

    And a filing box is a wonderful idea – I have done this in the past where I keep a file for each student with their information, lists of books/repertoire they have played or are using, and comments I write down after their lessons. It also helps me to keep track of each student's strengths, areas that need improvement, goals, etc.

  • I also teach in my living room — but it works perfectly because the hub is usually busy in his office… and as of right now it's just him and me… until the baby comes in October… when we'll have all kinds of new things to consider!
    I enjoy following this blog!

  • I've just discovered this blog and I am loving it! Keep the posts coming!
    My husband and I are both at home parents and at home music teachers (piano and violin). We have done are best at balancing our work space and our home space but it has been a challenge! We have managed to swap off teaching with watching our little one (William, 22 months), as well as heavily relying on wonderful grandparents and older students for babysitting if we find ourselves both teaching at the same time.
    At the moment we have a front living room and office that we both teach in.

  • Leanne
    8 years ago

    I'm really enjoying reading this blog and am looking forward to future posts!

    I am in the midst of renovations in order to create a music studio…very exciting! We are converting a bedroom that's near the front entrance into the music studio. I plan to have my piano, plenty of bookshelves (including CD shelves and a stereo), my own desk, and a small table and chairs in order to do theory work, etc. with my students. Future plans involve a studio computer, but that won't happen for a while!

    The room is not completely separate from the rest of our home. This was an important factor for us as we want our children to have easy access to the piano and other instruments/music books when I'm not teaching.

    Looking forward to reading other teacher's ideas about their studio spaces!

  • Thanks for all the wonderful comments!

    Anya, so exciting about the baby! Congratulations 🙂

    Christine – how cool that both you and your husband are at home music teachers! Sounds like a match made in heaven 🙂 We'd love your input in the near future when we talk about balancing teaching and family!

    And Leanne – I love how you said that it's not COMPLETELY separate from the rest of your house because you want your children to have access to the piano too – which I agree is so important 🙂