What do YOU want to discuss?

Hello, everybody! Jenny Bay and I are wondering: What do YOU hope to get out of this blog? What specific topics do you want to discuss? We want this to be like a forum, so if you have questions…we wanna hear ’em!

Even though we already have a list of topics created, we always have room for more and we know we didn’t come up with EVERYTHING CONCEIVABLE…so tell us what you want to talk about, and we’ll be sure to include it in our discussions!

Thanks, everybody! We are SO EXCITED to be starting this blog and to have such wonderful participants! We seriously can’t wait to hear all about the suggestions and experience YOU have to offer as an experienced musician and teacher!

Jennifer Boster

3 Responses to “What do YOU want to discuss?

  • Hey Janina! What a cool blog! I've actually been wanting to find this kind of a forum recently–

    I currently have 13 piano students and a lot of them are younger kids (some five, six, seven, eight year olds). Many of their parents want half-hour lessons for their kids, but the kids seem only to be able to really concentrate for 15-20 minutes. Do you have any fun music/piano activity ideas? I've done flashcards, Bingo, and moving a note up and down on a big treble/bass clef… but am running out of ideas!! Anything along those lines would be really helpful!

  • I'd like to hear about what method books you all use for beginners; if you stick to one for everybody, or if not, how do you decide which books for which students? It would be nice if we could compile a list of comparative pro's and con's for each method, or a chart of student characteristics (like age, attention span, parental involvement, personality type, etc.) and the books that tend to fit those characteristics.

  • merrilykaroly – what a great topic to discuss! We will most definitely spend some time on this in the near future.

    Jonathan – this really is a great idea! Our topic in a few weeks is Beginning Method Books – we will most definitely get a list/chart like this going.