Giveaway, oh giveaway…

Time for our first ever *giveaway* on The Teaching Studio! We’d like to thank all our readers for reading our blog and leaving such great comments!

We will be giving one lucky reader a copy of “A Winter Concert” – a wonderful little book about a mouse who goes to a piano concert and experiences the joy of music. I really love this book, and I think you will too! We featured this book in a previous post on The Teaching Studio. We think it is adorable and would be a great book to share with your students!


  • Just leave us a comment on this post & tell us something you love about teaching music!

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You can enter until Saturday, April 17 at 11:59 pm. The winner will be randomly selected and announced on Monday the 19th. Blog creators (aka Janina and I) are not eligible to enter the giveaway, but contributors are!
Jennifer Boster

35 Responses to “Giveaway, oh giveaway…

  • Oh, this book! I need this book! So cute and perfect for the studio! I'm crossing my fingers for the win! I'm about to do a giveaway in the next couple of days, too — so be sure to check my blog for a chance to win! Thanks!

  • PS: I have already taken the reader survey!

  • Leanne
    8 years ago

    This book looks fabulous! One of the things I love about teaching music is when my students bring a piece to their lesson and play it with more expression and feeling than I've every heard before. They've made themselves vulnerable and interpreted the music in their own unique way. They're learning about being a musician. Beautiful.

  • Leanne
    8 years ago

    P.S.: I just became a Facebook fan!

  • Leanne
    8 years ago

    PS #2: And I've already taken your reader survey! (I'm loving this blog…can't wait to read more).

  • I love it when a student shows spontaneous enthusiasm – like an unexpected "I love this piece!" Warms my heart.

    What a cute book! My 3-year-old would love it I'm sure.

  • Also, I've already taken the reader survey.

  • Such a cute idea to have children's music books in the waiting area! I love teaching because I love students see that they like some kind of music that they did not expect!

  • I just took the "Getting to Know You Poll"

  • I am now a faithful facebook fan 🙂

  • There are lots of things I love about teaching music. First, I love to see how excited my students are when they realize they're progressing. Second, I love that studying music can teach you about yourself and when that self-realization happens in my students. Third, I love that the more students you have the more repertoire you get to enjoy. 🙂 Fourth, I love that after each lesson I teach I am personally more excited to re-dedicate myself to the study of music. Fifth, I love that that study of music is never ending, a lifelong pursuit, a journey that never ends yet is so enjoyable each step of the way. Sixth, and finally, I love that music brings so many people together . . . like this blog!

  • I love it when I find out my student is practicing her rhythm on the school bus and looking up Erik Satie on YouTube.

  • I love teaching because it gives me some personal development – and I break from my regular routine. I love it when my mildly autistic student gets every song perfect. I love it when my 12 year old female student loves her "contemporary" piece. I love to see my students compose their own pieces!

  • I am also a facebook fan!

  • I took the survey! I love this site, what an awesome idea. Seriously.

  • Karen
    8 years ago

    It would make a great addition for the waiting area.
    I also took the survey

  • I love teaching piano because there's something intrinsically fun and rewarding about sharing and passing on your own love for music. It's so exciting to see musical ability develop from year to year in your own students!

  • p.s. I am a new subscriber!

  • …..and I completed the reader survey too!

  • What I love most about teaching is watching my students' confidence grow as their skills progress! :o)

  • … and I'm a Facebook fan!

  • … and I completed your reader survey!

  • What I love about teaching music is hearing my students express feeling and emotion when they play. That is when I know they are really starting to understand what they're playing.

  • I just subscribed to your blog.

  • …and I just completed your reader survey!

  • I love seeing children's faces light up with delight while they are enjoying music whether they are making it or clapping the rhythms and beats.

  • I became a fan on FB

  • Just completed your reader survey.

  • I think this is an awesome giveaway – I'm just finishing a course on children's literature, and now realize how piano teaching and children's lit can go hand-in-hand! I love watching children develop their own personal love for music – some latch on to composing, others to theory, and still others catch the love for performing their pieces!

  • PS – just became a follower and finished your survey.

  • I'm excited to read more of your blog! I love seeing the progress students make from year to year and the confidence in their eyes when they know they've done a good job.

  • I just became a follower…

  • and took the reader survey.

  • Ooh! I just barely made it in time! I'd love to win a copy of this book!

  • Just took the reader survey as well!