Your Favorite Piano Methods, and our Next Topic!

Thanks for all your votes on this week’s poll! Here are the results:

Other responses were:
Music Tree
Alfred’s Premiere Piano Course

I love seeing the results of these polls – they are so interesting! I think it’s safe to say that a lot of piano teachers really love the Faber & Faber series. I am one of them. However, I am now excited to look into some of the methods that I have never used before, such as Music Tree. There really are so many wonderful piano methods out there! There really is so much more we could go into on this topic – but for now…

…onto our next topic:

Teaching Beginning Technique

I am really excited about this topic…this is where it starts getting fun! We know that teaching correct technique right from the beginning is so important…so how do we do this in such a way to help our students internalize and remember the concepts, make them habit, and have fun in the process?

We’d love to hear your great ideas on how to teach technique to beginners. What fun games do you use? How do you teach your students correct technique? What technique exercises do you use with your beginners? We’re looking forward to a great week!

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Jennifer Boster

2 Responses to “Your Favorite Piano Methods, and our Next Topic!

  • I vary my "rounded hand shape" analogies according to the student. For my truck lover, I remind him to keep his hands like a digger claw, for the train lover- make tunnels for the train to go through. If they flatten their fingers I pull out a "pencil" train and pretend it can't get through the tunnel. Other analogies include:
    Hold a bubble, Hold a ball, Don't let the pirahnas bite your wrist (don't droop wrist below the keybed). I love the Faber My First Piano Adventures technique analogies for younger students.

  • What cute analogies! I was just reading through the Faber analogies the other day, and I love those as well! Thanks for the comment!