Creative Scheduling Ideas

I previously mentioned my decision to not teach in the afternoons while my children are in school (of course that won’t be for a few years, but some of these ideas are great if you’re wanting more scheduling flexibility at any time!). Although a bit seemingly crazy, this actually is quite doable. Here are some of my ideas.

Ways to teach music lessons NOT in the afternoons:

  • Teach in the evening. Of course this may not be ideal if you like to spend time with your spouse (so important!) in the evenings. But, what if they are in school and are studying at that time? You can make it work. My toddler is in bed by 7 or 8 each night. There have got to be teenage or adult students who would go for this.
  • Teach adults in the morning/daytime. I find teaching adults a great joy. I once taught a wonderful young mother lessons in the late morning. She and a friend who was also a young mother would watch each others’ children for one hour per week while the other had time to do something for themselves – I think it’s a great idea!
  • Teach home-school students. They have more flexible schedules! You could teach while your children are at school.
  • Teach in the early morning. (I only put this on this list because it works for some. It would never work for me. I am definitely not an early riser.)
  • Teach adult group lessons during the day, or group lessons of any age in the evening. While I have never personally taught group lessons, it seems like a wonderful experience, as well as a great way to utilize your precious time more efficiently.
  • Teach adults with shared lesson times. An idea I have toyed with, where two adults share one time slot. Each would get two private lessons per month, as well as a monthly group performance/theory class.
  • Teach on Saturdays.
  • Teach preschool music classes. Something I’d love to look into!
What other ideas do you have?
Jennifer Boster

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