How Teaching Blesses My Family

This morning my sweet little two-year-old climbed up on the piano bench and said to me, “Teach me piano…teach me piano…”

It happened yesterday as well, after a student left. James turned to me and said, “That’s mine piano!” He then climbed on up and we had a little lesson. He was SO excited. Both times the “lesson” lasted about five minutes and then he was done. It was just priceless though. We played quiet and loud and high and low and short and long. He really loved played short. What a joy. I think it may have been my most favorite “lesson” ever.

Jennifer Boster

2 Responses to “How Teaching Blesses My Family

  • So sweet! I taught my three-year-old to play Hot Cross Buns the other day and she was SO excited, which in turn made me even more excited. What a joy to combine "the two best jobs"!

  • Leanne
    8 years ago

    I have two-year-old twins who both love to squeeze on the piano bench with me and play along. Even though I sometimes need that time to practice, I love it that music plays such a normal role in our family life. The piano is such a fantastic instrument for sound exploration for toddlers!