The Power of Parents

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Just got back from a quick road trip with my family…twenty hours of driving in two days (with a toddler!)…and it’s good to be home 🙂 I’ve been thinking a lot about this week’s topic of Practicing & Motivation, and about a wonderful comment that was left on my last post. The comment mentioned the importance of parental participation in practicing, especially when the student is young. I couldn’t agree more!

I have found that students with super supportive parents who regularly attend lessons and help with daily practicing are much more likely to succeed in piano. If only all parents were like this! Well they can be – if you require it in your studio! I have never officially required parental attendance and help with practicing, but have always strongly recommended it. I actually may add it into my policy as a requirement for parents of younger students (ages 5-7 or so), because it really makes a world of difference. My mom always practiced with us when we were starting out with piano lessons, and I do believe it made a big difference. If nothing else, it helped me to feel that my parents supported me and expected me to work hard. I attribute much of my own success to my parents’ wonderful support.

Some ways parents can be involved and show support:

  • Attending lessons of young students
  • Sitting down and practicing with young students
  • Helping students make (and stick to) a consistent practicing schedule
  • Sitting down and listening to children play their pieces (my Dad has always been amazing at this – he LOVES laying down on the couch at the end of the day and listening to his children play the piano – what a great message to send to your children, that you really do love hearing them play beautiful music!)
  • Giving compliments and words of encouragement
In what ways do you encourage parents to help support their children in their piano study? Do you require parents to help children practice? To attend lessons?
Jennifer Boster

2 Responses to “The Power of Parents

  • I love the picture! My daughter is six months old, and we play the piano every day. She loves to hit the keys so they make noise! Usually I will sit her on my lap and play for a minute, and then I'll let her play. We take turns, and she seems to understand about waiting her turn. It's really cute. I hope that, by playing piano with her, I'll foster a love for the piano. We'll see!

  • Waterfall: that is so great! I am sure she will grow up with a love for music. My Dad used to play the piano a lot and listen to classical music when we were growing up, and I know that helped me gain an appreciation for music.