Repertoire Wish List

Just a fun item I wanted to share –

I put this page in my students’ binders. My hope is that as they are doing their listening assignments, or when they attend recitals or hear their peers perform, they will discover pieces that they love and would really like to learn! This is just a fun place where we can keep track of all our future repertoire…

Repertoire Wish List

What’s on your repertoire wish list??
…mine includes…Before Sleep and Dreams by Aaron Kernis, Spring Fairy, Summer Fairy, Autumn Fairy and Winter Fairy from Prokofiev’s Cinderella, Op. 97 (these are somewhat in progress), Daisies by Rachmaninoff…

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Jennifer Boster

3 Responses to “Repertoire Wish List

  • Thank you for posting this! This is a great idea!
    I am just curious, I am a "font-aholic" What fonts do you use for your page and what is the font you used for this document? Would you mind sharing some of your favorites?

  • musixmylife – thanks! And I love fonts too 🙂 The font used as the header on the Repertoire Wish List is called "Susie's Hand" – not sure where I got it. The font on the table and the font on my page are both from this website:

    which has the cutest handwriting fonts you can download for free. Pea Cammie-Pea is the one on the site, and Pea Mystie Caps is the one on the wish list table.

  • Thanks!! I love your blog!!!