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In addition to my website about my studio (which really is only a blog – someday I will set up a “real,” fancy schmancy one!), I also have a private blog with lots of resources for my students and their parents. Students and parents need to log in to view this blog. Some things I have on this blog:

  • my studio policy
  • monthly studio news
  • studio calendar (I use Google Calendar)
  • fun links (includes links to online music games, music theory lessons and reviews, fun music websites like the San Francisco Symphony Kids website and Classics for Kids, and a link to online ear training
  • assignments – a big part of this blog is the assignments section. I have many listening and music theory assignments on this blog that I have created to be a bit of a supplement to lessons. For example, during a lesson I can assign a student a specific listening assignment. They can then go home, pull it up on the blog, print out the assignment sheet, and listen to the assigned pieces online (either on a website like or on a YouTube video that I have embedded into the assignment post).
  • Composer of the Month – links to information and listening examples to go with our composer of the month
  • Meet the Composers – a bunch of links to some wonderful websites to help students learn about music history (NY Philharmonic Kidzone Meet the Composers, Meet the Composers on Classics for Kids, a composer map, and games like Beethoven’s Baseball and Time Machine).

Since I am still working on re-building my studio after moving to a new state, in the future this blog will also contain things like:

  • photos and videos from student recitals
  • a student phone list for switching lesson times in the event of a cancellation
I feel that this is a really great resource for my students. They can at any time have so many great online resources at their fingertips to help them learn about music theory, music history, or ear training; they can listen to any piece online; and they can have access to all studio policies and other information.

**Have you checked out the studio websites and blogs that have been shared by readers this week? Make sure you go take a look, and feel free to share yours as well! It is wonderful to get ideas and learn from each other!

Jennifer Boster

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