Share your Studio Website!

Alright, we are going to try something fun here! I thought that since we are discussing technology in the studio, it would be fun for all of our readers to be able to share their studio websites with everyone. I think it is wonderful to share and get ideas from each other. So, if you want to participate and let other readers look at your studio website or blog, we’d love you to enter it in our list here! This will be available all week until Sunday night, so share away!

Just click on the button that says “click to enter” and it will give you directions on how to enter it. Thanks!

Jennifer Boster

4 Responses to “Share your Studio Website!

  • Looks like I'll start. 🙂 I have a studio website and 2 blogs. Each has it's purpose.

    My studio website:

    My studio blog:

    My piano resource blog:

    Looking forward to seeing the others!

  • Awesome, thanks Jennifer! You can actually enter them in so they show up with a cool little thumbnail picture….I changed the post so hopefully it's more clear 🙂 I can just plug yours in right now though. I am so excited to see everyone's websites!

  • Oops, sorry I missed that! Thanks! 🙂

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