Teaching Tip Tuesday: Keep a Teaching Journal

I’d like to start a new feature here – Teaching Tip Tuesday! This will feature simple teaching tips and random ideas that I have gleaned over the years through my experiences with my students.
Here we go!

Teaching Tip #1: Keep a teaching journal!

One of my favorite ways lately to keep track of miscellaneous ideas and gems of teaching wisdom that pop up during lessons is to keep a teaching journal. I keep a notebook inside my piano bench, and whenever I try something that was particularly effective, or have an “aha!” moment with a student, or just have a fabulously brilliant or fun idea, I jot it down in here for future reference. I have found that without writing these things down, I tend to forget my awesome ideas.

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Jennifer Boster

2 Responses to “Teaching Tip Tuesday: Keep a Teaching Journal

  • I do this too! I think it's a great idea–a great way to follow-up on inspiration that we receive while we're doing our own practicing, or even just things around the house. I also like to keep lists of potential pieces/composers I hear on the classical station for myself and for my students as I hear them. At first I had little pieces of paper with my notes on them all over the place and then I got smart and realized, like you, that the piano bench is the best spot.:-)

  • I've been looking forward to this post ever since your comment last week! Recording ideas and specific tips that work well during a lesson is a fabulous idea. I think I'll have to incorporate that aspect into my journal! Thanks for the great blog!