Giant Floor Staff!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’re all having a lovely day and have a fun weekend planned. As for me, I am sitting here in my pajamas enjoying the beginning of my weekend and a day off from teaching piano.

Those of you who have purchased my graphic to make a Giant Floor Keyboard will be excited to hear that I now have a Giant Floor Staff graphic available! My vinyl floor staff turned out great and I am so excited to use it in my music classes and camps! I have already gotten some good use out of it in my private lessons. It is so great to have a super fun and different way to help my students learn the notes on the staff, which allows them to get off of the bench and move around.

I debated about putting a clef on there or not…and ended up not. I wanted to be able to use it for bass clef or treble clef notes. I think I may try to make some big clefs that I can put on there when needed, but for now it has worked fine without.

It is nice and big (about 90 inches long 28 inches tall, not including the white border) and is perfect for children to walk, stand, jump, and run on (I know this because my four-year-old son got some great use out of it this morning….also, it is nice and sturdy!!)

Just like my Giant Floor Keyboard, I had it made on They have excellent prices, high-quality products and super fast delivery time. Totally an awesome deal, and the ease and quality is worth the money, in my opinion!

I created my own custom-designed 3′ x 8′ banner by uploading my staff image. Stretch the image to fill the banner area (leaving a small white margin around the outside, if desired) and select the box to center it horizontally. Click “Save and Continue” and you are all set to order your Giant Floor Staff. Easy peasy.

You can use fun letter name beanbags…

…colorful craft foam notes (hmmm, makes me want to play Twister)…

…or simply allow children to walk right on there and be the notes themselves!

Students of all ages and levels (even preschoolers) will get so much use out of this giant staff!

The graphic is available for purchase here as well as on the “Printables & Downloads” page.

Giant Floor Staff Graphic


Jennifer Boster

9 Responses to “Giant Floor Staff!

  • How exciting! Ever since I saw your Giant Floor Keyboard, I've been wanting to not only do that, but also do a Giant Staff! What a great teaching tool!

  • Thanks for the comment, Stace! I love both of these teaching aids….so big and so fun!! I think you'll love them too!

  • This looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Where did you get your letter bean bags from?

  • Thanks Becky! My friend and I made the bean bags…we used iron-on transfers for the letters. The backs have pictures that go along with the letters (Doggie D, Grandma G, etc.)

  • I'm so excited! I just got my keyboard banner and it is beautiful! Will be getting the staff very soon! Thank you for sharing 🙂 Did you make giant bass and treble clef signs?

  • I love this. I'm definitely going to purchase your graphic, but wanted to first ask if you had thought of offering one with a treble clef and one with a bass clef (in 2 separate files). If you do, I would love to buy both and have two printed up for a giant grand staff! If not, I'll be buying the one you have pictured in this post. Thanks!

  • Thanks, Jenny! I lost contact with your blog for a while. So glad to have found it again. I absolutely LOVE this idea and would like to share it with our Minimusic teachers around the globe, if you are ok with that.

  • Laura
    2 years ago

    I would purchase if you had a treble clef and bass clef to go with it. Or even a grand staff with both clefs.

    • Jenny
      2 years ago

      Thanks for the comment Laura – I have been wanting to do that! I’ll see if I can get something made up… 🙂