Alice Hansen Family Fund

And…I’m back! Thanks for your patience as I go through spurts of posting a few times a week, to not so often.  As a mom of young children, I find that at times I need to just drop out all of my lower-priority activities and focus on my sweet kids. They are only young once, you know?

Speaking of motherhood, I have been really affected this week by the heartbreaking story of a piano friend of mine from college. His beautiful wife, whom I never met but hear she was an amazing pianist (she had a PhD in piano) passed away last week from complications of childbirth after delivering their little baby girl. He is now a widower with three young children. Please take a minute and read their story here. If you feel so inclined, there is also a link on that website where you can donate to the family. And I’m sure prayers are always appreciated as well. How precious life is. Go hug the ones you love!

Jennifer Boster

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