Mighty Musicians Piano Camp!

Our Mighty Musicians Piano Camp is now available in its entirety to purchase in The Teaching Studio Store! If you’re not familiar with these lesson plans, let me tell you a little bit about it!

Nichole and I wrote this class following the success of our Early Explorers preschool class. We wanted a similarly hands-on, creative class for children who were a little bit older than our preschool crowd, something that could involve a little more time on the actual piano. That is how Mighty Musicians came to be! We took a lot of elements from Early Explorers, added in some basic piano technique and simple pieces the students could play, and added in a composition element that is so, so great. This class is so much fun – it really captures the children’s imaginations and it is so fun to see them singing and moving and playing to all this great classical music. We have found that the music really leaves an impression on them!

This class is an AWESOME way to see if a child is ready for private piano lessons.

Some of my favorite highlights from this class:

  • Dancing with sunrise scarves to Grieg’s Morning Mood in Night and Day
  • Watching the students move like nocturnal animals to Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King as the music gets faster and faster and louder in Night and Day
  • The short and long composition craft that goes with Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in Traffic Jam
  • Clapping traffic rhythms in Traffic Jam
  • Successfully having each child learn some basic piano techniques and be able to go home with songs to play!


  • Singing our new lyrics to Simple Gifts and climbing up a mountain to Copland’s Appalachian Spring in Mountains and Hills


  • Playing our quacking ducks and singing along to Strauss’ The Blue Danube Waltz in Birds of a Feather
  • Seeing the children’s creative compositions!
  • The journey we act out to get to the musical fireworks show to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture in Forte Fireworks! Seriously that is my favorite part of this class, the music is so, so powerful and the kids get SO into it.
  • Just seeing the joy in the children’s faces as they experienced music!


I hope you will try out the Mighty Musicians Piano Camp for your next piano class, camp or event with your young students!

Included in this camp are the following lesson plans: Night and Day, Traffic Jam, Mountains and Hills, Birds of a Feather and Forte Fireworks. It also includes the Mighty Musicians Camp Planner, which includes 20 pages of camp planning forms and materials.

Includes sheet music, craft templates, 5 student take-home books, clipart and printable teaching resources, and much more! More information available here. 312 pages. Digital download. Available in the Shop or here in this post.

Mighty Musicians Piano Camp
Price: $46.00

Jennifer Boster

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