Music in Childhood Survey

Today I would love your input! I am doing a little research on music experiences in childhood. I know that I had a very musical childhood – we always had instruments to play, we listened to music all the time (including lots of classical), my mom sang to us every night, etc. But I’d love to know a little bit about YOUR experiences with music in your home as a child. Please take a few minutes and fill out this brief survey. Thank you!

Jennifer Boster

3 Responses to “Music in Childhood Survey

  • I'm excited to see what results come out of this survey. I've been researching and writing about early development of musical skills in young children lately. The subject has really interested me since having my own kids.

  • I may be being dim, but can't seem to click on anything to actually start doing the survey!

  • That's ok, Wendy! You may need to just scroll down a little further on the purple background section – sometimes it doesn't quite show up all the way. Thanks!