Limited Time: Save 25% off Summer Piano Camps & more!


This is a fun time of year for piano teachers – finishing up Spring recitals and prepping for some summer studio fun! My spring/summer is looking a little different than that this year – I’m finishing up a pregnancy and prepping for baby number four to be born! I am in super nesting mode and have frantically been trying to pack my hospital bag and clean up my house in anticipation of another sweet little girl joining our family.

In my nesting excitement, I thought I’d offer up a fun little discount for all of you preparing for your piano teaching summers! From TODAY until the day my baby girl is born (give or take a few days – you can’t expect me to be on the computer in the hospital, right?), I am offering some of my bestselling piano teaching resources for 25% off!


Here are the products included in this discount (click on titles for more information):


This awesome piano camp will introduce your young students to a year of music, going through each season from Spring through Winter. It works perfectly as a week-long, four-day camp, or as a month-long once-a-week class.
Regular Price: $38

Limited-Time Price: $28.50!   



This super fun camp for children ages 5-6 is a positive and fun introduction to the world of music-making and a good jump-start into piano lessons. Children will listen, sing, move and play, use their new-found knowledge to work on their basic piano skills, learn about the great composers and their music, and will even do some composing themselves!
Regular Price: $46
Limited-Time Price: $34.50!

A fun practicing incentive program for your creative students who love building with Legos! Students earn blocks for daily practice of assigned “projects” in four elements of piano lessons.
Regular Price: $10
Limited-Time Price: $7.50!  



This incentive pack features an awesome piano-themed pirate map to hang in your studio to track students’ progress through the summer. Students complete practicing goals to earn points which move them forward on the treasure map to find the buried treasure!
Regular Price: $10
Limited-Time Price: $7.50!  


Don’t miss this opportunity to grab this bestselling resource at an amazing price! My Muscle Builder Books keep students motivated and having fun as they learn to play scales, chords, arpeggios and more all over the piano. With full-col0r cute illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions for correct practicing at home.
Regular Price: $27
Limited-Time Price: $20.25!

Printable, full-color circular flashcards to use with a giant floor keyboard and giant floor staff. Includes letter names, finger numbers, sharps and flats, notes on the staff, notes on the keyboard, lines and spaces and more. Activity suggestions are given for each set of printable circles. Just print as many as you’d like, cut them out, laminate, and you’re ready to play!
Regular Price: $20
Limited-Time Price: $15!

Discount will be applied automatically at checkout, whether from the links in this post or from The Teaching Studio Store. All products are digital downloads. Discount lasts from today until my baby comes – which could last a few days or up to about two weeks! (My due date is May 2.) Don’t miss out on these great prices!

To celebrate this fun time, I’m in the mood for a GIVEAWAY! Simply leave a comment guessing the date and time you think my baby will be born. (Due date is May 2!) Whoever guesses closest to the actual birthday and time will win a Piano Camp of your choice for FREE!! Choose between the Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Camp and the Mighty Musicians Camp (let me know which you would prefer in your comment).

Jennifer Boster

17 Responses to “Limited Time: Save 25% off Summer Piano Camps & more!

  • Good Luck on Your Delivery! My guess is April 30th 10:30 pm. I would love the Mighty Musicians Camp:)

  • Fun giveaway question! I was gonna guess April 30th, and then I saw Heidi's post, so I guess I'll go with the next morning, May 1st at 9:30 am. I'd like Mighty Musicians too. I hope it all goes well for you!

  • How fun is this!?! My guess is May 3 at 12 noon. Best wishes to all.

  • My guess is May 1st at 3:02am. I'd like the Might Musician's Camp! Good luck and congratulations!!!

  • Congrats and best wishes! I'm going to say April 27th since it's my husbands birthday at 5:45pm. I'll go for Mighty Musicians. Thanks!

  • Congrats. I'll say April 28 at 5:00 am. Mighty musicians. I'm going to have to get some stuff 🙂

  • I'm guessing May 3rd, 1:30 a.m. Blessings to you and your family! I look forward to using your Four Seasons camp materials! 🙂

  • My guess is 26 April! Love all your work and would love to get my hands on Mighty Musicians!

  • You're not going to like my guess: May 4 at 1:30 p.m. because that's when we got married! 🙂

    I think Mighty Musicians sounds like great fun!

  • Congrats! I just had my 2nd baby 3 weeks ago and he was a week early. So I will guess a week early, also, April 25th at 10:30 PM. 🙂 I would love the Vivaldi Four Seasons camp!

  • Congratulations! I will guess April 30 at 12:30 pm:) I would love the Mighty Musicians camp pack. Good luck!

  • My guess is May 2nd at noon. Vivaldi please!

  • I will guess April 28th at 7:30 pm. I would love Mighty Musicians!

  • Congratulations on baby girl. I will guess April 29th.

  • Ah, I just saw your due date. I'm guessing May 4th 🙂
    I'd love the Four Seasons pack.
    Enjoy your remaining days of pregnancy and try to pamper yourself a little (or a lot!)

  • I will guess May Day, May 1st at 6:30 pm. I' d love the Mighty Musicians pack. Best of luck!!

  • I don't know if I am late for the giveaway, but my guess is May 5th, Cinco de Mayo baby! I have a grandson who has a May 5th birthday. I would like the Mighty Musicians pack