New Freebie: Compose a Planet

Today there’s a fun new freebie available for download! Compose a Planet is a fun composition activity for students who know their C, G, and F five-finger patterns.

You have discovered an uncharted sector of the galaxy with three new planets! Students get to choose a name for each planet and then compose a short song to go with that planet, using that planet’s special characteristics to make each song unique.

Download this freebie here! You may also find it in the Freebies section of the Shop! Hope you enjoy!

Jennifer Boster

2 Responses to “New Freebie: Compose a Planet

  • Sonja
    2 years ago

    This looks like so much fun!!!! Thank you for sharing this. I have several young boy students who love space & planets who will really enjoy this.

    • Jenny
      2 years ago

      I hope your students enjoy it, Sonja!