Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the Irish Piano Pack

Irish Piano Pack


Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, new in the Shop today is the Irish Piano Pack! I am really excited about this fun pack of resources that includes over 30 pages of materials that cover topics in music theory, piano technique, composition, sightreading skills and music history/appreciation and listening. This fun piano unit on Ireland includes a study of piano nocturnes, focusing on Irish pianist and composer John Field and his impact. You can use it with individual students at private lessons or with several students at a group class. It includes 2 sets of fun and original flashcards (with suggestions for use in private or group settings) to help improve note-naming, rhythm-counting and sightreading skills.

Activities included in this pack:

  • Counting Clovers – Students listen to examples from piano literature and identify if there are 3 or 4 beats per measure, then color the coordinating shamrock.
  • The Lilt o’ the Shamrock – Students listen to Irish folk songs and identify if there are 3 or 4 beats per measure, then color the coordinating shamrock.
  • Shamrock Measures – Students look at a rhythm example, identify the meter and then circle either the 3-leaf or the 4-leaf shamrock.
  • Clap and Count Clovers – A fun set of shamrock flashcards for practice in clapping rhythms; includes suggestions for several different individual and group activities using the flashcards.
  • Rainbow Flashcards – Super fun flashcards that are excellent for practicing naming letter names more quickly and improving sightreading skills. Teaches students to find the correct note quickly without “fishing” for notes with fingers by practicing the technique of floating the wrist up and reaching for the next note while the hand is above the keyboard, then aiming and landing directly on the note. Includes directions for three different levels of use.
  • Piano Nocturnes Listening Assignment – Students learn about piano nocturnes, listen to examples of nocturnes by seven different composers from four countries and fill out the worksheet while listening.
  • Draw a Nocturne – An alternate option for the Piano Nocturne Listening Assignment, particularly ideal for younger students. Students draw a picture of the night scene that they hear while listening to a piano nocturne.
  • Compose a Nocturne – Students learn a little bit more about the history of nocturnes and what specifically characterizes a piano nocturne, then they have a chance to compose their own nocturne on the accompanying manuscript paper pages.
  • Ireland Clipart Printables – Includes blank copies of the rainbow and shamrock clipart used in this pack for optional use in decorating your studio or in other music activities of your choice.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Jennifer Boster

One Response to “Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the Irish Piano Pack

  • Awesome pack! These are really useful in helping children learn better. Our piano teachers here in Singapore actually like to use such teaching materials too 🙂