Piano Trick or Treat Game

I just added a fun Halloween game to the Shop called Piano Trick or Treat! It’s a fun activity to teach students some super cool piano “tricks,” or techniques, and to show them some fun and funny piano “treats,” or performances, via YouTube. I plan to use this at a Halloween group class, but you could easily adapt it for individual students at private lessons, or even just send it home for a student to play with a parent.

Simply print the cards back to back so that the pumpkins and ghosts are on the back of each card. Put into two piles (Tricks and Treats), and have students take turns choosing Trick or Treat. Each trick card has a cool piano trick to try out (for example, playing “ghost notes” using a cool overtone trick) and each treat has an awesome video to watch (like a funny Marx Brothers piano duet!).

I’ve created a YouTube playlist that contains the videos I used in this activity plus a few extras.

Happy Halloween!

Jennifer Boster

4 Responses to “Piano Trick or Treat Game

  • Rachel Fraser
    12 months ago

    The back of the cards were blank – just says Piano Trick or Piano Treat. Are there supposed to be activities on the cards?

    • Oops, something went wrong with the file. I am looking into this now. Thanks so much for letting me know…I’ll keep you posted.

  • September
    12 months ago

    I love this! I purchased this yesterday for a Master Class my students will have next week and I think it will work perfectly. The only problem is that when I went to print it, it leaves off the black text. The pictures are fine and the orange text is fine. Only the black is missing. Can you help me figure out what is going on? Thank you sooo much!

    • I am so sorry it is blank! I am just now finding out that there is a problem with the file. I am looking into this. Thanks for letting me know!