A Fun Alternative to Flashcards

Do you ever get tired of drilling boring old flashcards? I do! Today I’d like to share a fun alternative I came up with this week that can be used for either individual students or with a larger group.

This week for my group piano class I decided to turn flashcards into a fun game that could be enjoyed by the whole group! I made some piano playing cards and we played Musical Go Fish. It was an excellent way to review notes on the staff (you really need to know the notes in order to match them up, or to ask another player if they have one of that note!) and also was a good review of music terminology such as dynamics, time signatures, accidentals, and rests.

The piano playing cards includes thirteen sets of four matches. The matches include sets of different notes on the staff that have the same letter name (along with one card that just has the letter), time signatures, keys on the piano, rests, note values, accidentals and dynamics. (See all sets below.)

So far we have only used the cards for Go Fish, but they would be super fun for a rousing game of Spoons (that would require even faster note recognition!) as well as other simple games.

The Piano Playing Cards are now available for purchase as a digital download in the Shop.

Jennifer Boster

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