Doggie D & Friends Piano Pack


Made especially for young, beginning piano students, the Doggie D & Friends Piano Pack includes 6 resources to teach keyboard topography (including black key groups and letter names of the white keys) in a fun, hands-on way!

Students will learn the story of Doggie D and Friends, which will teach them how to name any of the white keys on the piano. They will learn how to locate the doghouse (2 black keys) and Grandma’s house (3 black keys), as well as name and locate Cat C, Doggie D, Eggs E, Front Door F, Grandma G, Apple Pie A, and Back Door B on the piano.

Choose which resource will help each student best, or print them all to have on hand for a super fun first piano lesson! Price includes a studio license to print unlimited copies for your studio only. Digital download, 49 pages.


Included in this pack are the following resources:

Doggie D Story/Handout – This 2-page handout of the Doggie D story includes the story and small pictures on one page, with a full-page picture on page two to help remind them where all the notes are. This resource comes in full color or black and white. It is perfect to put in student binders so they can share the story and concepts with their family and practice at home.

Doggie D Coloring Book – Students can learn the Doggie D story by coloring this adorable 16-page coloring book!

Doggie D Poster – A cute, full-color poster with all of the Doggie D pictures and labeled keyboard. Fun to hang in the studio or to put in student binders.

Doggie D Flashcards – These cute and colorful flashcards are great for home practice or a quick review at piano lessons. The front has the picture (Doggie D, Cat C, etc.) and the back has a keyboard graphic showing where the note is located. Can be used both ways – by looking at the picture and locating where that letter goes, or by seeing the location and naming the note!

Doggie D Mini Keyboard Flashcards – These cute little colorful flashcards fit right on the piano keys, allowing students to locate and name all of the white keys on the piano! Includes Grandma’s house and the doghouse to identify black key groups as well.

Doggie D Graphics for Giant Floor Keyboard – Want to get off the bench? Use these big Doggie D and Friends graphics on your floor keyboard! Students place the pictures on the correct keys as they walk across the keyboard.


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