Practice Tricks Pack


One of the biggest challenges we as piano teachers face is how to teach and encourage really good practicing skills at home. Without the know-how and a way to motivate students to use good strategies, many practice hours are wasted every week. This adorable Practice Tricks Pack helps to keep young practicers focused and teaches 33 different practice strategies that are based on sound piano pedagogy concepts. It includes colorful and fun printables to encourage continued use of these strategies at home, and all of the necessary explanations to help parents assist as well. 44 pages, digital download.


What’s included in the Practice Tricks Pack:

  • A Note to Parents about Practicing – We’ve got to get the parents on board if we want our students to truly excel. This two-page letter explains the importance of consistent and effective practice and why parents need to stay involved; it also gives parents ideas of specific things they can do to be a great piano parent! This is perfect to distribute to parents with their child’s new Practice Trick Cards. 2 pages
  • Practice Tricks Cards – Includes 33 full-color illustrated cards, size 2.5″x3.5″. Each card represents one of the practice “tricks” or strategies. They can be printed and laminated, and a set distributed to each student; they are also made to fit in a 3-ring-binder trading card sleeve, if you want to teach a few at a time and have students collect their Practice Trick Cards. Students use these at home to help them practice their repertoire using lots of different efficient strategies. These make a really adorable addition to any “practice kit” you may distribute to your students. 7 pages
  • Piano Practice Tricks Explanations – In this document each practice trick is described in detail so students and parents can use the strategies effectively at home. Print for each student and put in their binder for easy reference. 8 pages
  • Practice Tricks Signs – These cute 5″x7″ version of the Practice Tricks Cards are perfect for teaching a group of students the practice tricks, displaying in your studio on a bulletin board or wall, or for choosing a “Practice Trick of the Week” to display in a frame on your piano. 18 pages
  • Piano Practice Bingo Cards – A fun way to get students to use ALL of the practice tricks! They can take a bingo card home and try to fill it out by practicing with each different practice trick. Try to complete a row or column each day or a whole bingo card throughout the week. 7 pages
  • Practice Tricks Stickers – 10 of the most-used practice tricks are now adorable stickers! Use them to easily mark sections in a student’s music where a specific practice strategy would be most effective. Print as many as you need using Avery #4221 3/4″ round labels. 2 pages


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